onsdag 11. april 2012

Random landscapes!

Sorry for the delay, been busy with studies and what not.
I hope these fantastic pictures will redeem my "crime!"

"White mountain"

"Jurassic heaven"

"River of pure water"

"Green waterfall"


"Bridge between the realms"

søndag 8. april 2012

Wallpapers of epic porportions!

Hey everyone!

Dug up some amazing wallpapers while cleaning my hardrive.
I do hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

"Rainbow forest"

"Summer beach"

"Mountain mirror"

"Forest valley"

"Caribbean castle"

"Autumn morning"

"Holiday happiness"

"River flower"
Back again, sorry for no updates. Have been away.
What have you done this easter?

"The ground in the sky"

"Mountain light"

"After the storm"


"Old and new"

"Winter night"
Happy holidays!

mandag 2. april 2012

A taste of everything: Part II

Some more pictures on this fine evening. These are taken from the same set and "mood" as my last post. A bit of everything, you can say.

"Desert Mountain"

"At the cliff of the world"

"The Snow is already falling"

"The light at the end"

"The final shelter"

I hope you liked these pictures as much as I like them and love titling. I find it challenges the creative side of my brain which is pretty much non-existent.
Thanks for reading/watching.


A taste of everything

Soo, I've been hunting for some new landscape pictures. Got some awesome ones here and there.

"Summer storm"

"Winter is comming"

"Sunset stones"

"Desert oasis"

"Cabin mountain"

"Sunset in the mountain"

"Pride of the clover"

"Lake of the crocs"

lørdag 31. mars 2012

Did anyone say LANDSCAPE?

Woop, here's some more fantastic landscape. Hope you enjoy all of it as much as I do!